8% Win When Making New Year Resolutions, Here’s How They Do It

Ditching Your New Years Resolution?

The start of January is a popular time to set intentions and do something new, big and bold. I get the notion of timing with an estimate of over 4o% of people planning to improve their life.

I’m also a big believer of setting goals throughout the year, and some of the most successful people, such as Richard Branson and Warren Buffet even break these down to daily goals and quick wins.

Getting back to why New Year Resolutions are a good thing. Fundamentally you have a clean, fresh slate to work with and most likely, you have given your mind permission to reset and let go of the old to welcome the new.

I’m guessing if you set your new year goals you want to look after yourself better, maybe lose weight, want to get your finances supercharged or enjoy life to the fullest?

You’re not alone, it’s suggested that 38% of people want to get healthier and fitter when it comes to setting New Year resolutions too.

So why is it that only 8% of people who set new year goals or resolutions actually make them happen?



If you have ever wondered how to actually make your goals a reality, and what sets the winners apart, here are 5 ways to get going.


You may have heard of the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid – and this says it all, so let’s start here.

While your 10 dreamy items on your bucket list may be achievable this year, it’s easy to under estimate the amount of work and pieces of the puzzle you need to apply to get to the finish line.

There is also your daily life and commitments that should be considered, albeit keeping things as simple as possible will give you a higher execution rate of succeeding.

If you also believe multi-tasking is possible, and you take immense pride in the fact that you can multi-task, here is something for you.

The percentage of success and quality of execution reduces significantly once you add a second or third project in play, as noted in a recent Harvard Business Post.

So stick to one big goal that you are super passionate about and this will set a solid foundation to get going.

2. Tangible Bursts

You can achieve the impossible, sure – but first you have to believe it is possible right?

The same applies with your new year resolutions or goals. To make it achievable it also requires tangibility.

There is a huge misconception on the need to set long-term goals, says Todd Herman Performance Expert, it’s the wrong way to work.

By breaking down your goals you can make the ultimate difference in success. This also builds tangibility creating the work you want to achieve, in reach.

When I, (Jaime-Lee) work with my clients, we do so in 90 day action sets, identifying each major goal they want to achieve, to then pulling it apart working backwards, step by step to apply result-driven actionable mini-goals.

As we revisit each fortnight, and walk away after a strategy session they know the specific tasks they will apply AND the fact that they are going to make an impact towards their short term goal = long term play.

If you have a big juicy goal you want to hit, break it down in short sizable bursts such as 90days, then fortnights, then daily and have super clear dates of what you are going to achieve by when.


3. Everything Is Figure-Outtable

For many of us, we can ‘get stuck because we can’t figure out the next step’. So momentum stops and motivation dwindles.

This is why we need tribes, mentors, experts and books. People who have done what we want to do, who have greater experience and a full understanding of ‘what’s next’ or ‘have you considered’.

And 9 times out of 10, people know the next step…they’re just scared of it in some way, because it is new or different, or they need external permission to go do it.

By having the right people, such as a tribe, people who understand your deeper make up and challenges, you will be more confident that everything is figure-outtable so you can keep driving your goal forward.

4. Be Accountable

Talking about tribes, they are truly and incredibly powerful, more so for support but importantly for accountability.

Start by sharing what you want to achieve with those around you, or to the world if you wish, via social media. This is another key component to kick in accountability and position yourself for success.

Officially you are making it real as you have told someone, and now you need to take action.

If you are wanting a fun space, with like-minded and ambitious people who can support you while achieving your goals join here.

5. Revisit

While in motion of achieving your goals, it’s imperative to have laser focus on where you are going. The mistake that can occur, is you have not looked back or even sideways.

Taking time to revisit what has worked, what hasn’t and what else is happening around you is crucial.

Evolution is inevitable when it comes to setting goals, and even what you wanted to achieve may change along the way. And this is okay. You may have something grander in the works, or realise you have taken on more than you can chew.

Recalibrating and revisiting is a key piece to a successful outcome. You can also look back seeing how far you have come – and celebrating along the way should always be welcomed.

To an awesome year ahead of action taking!


About The Author


Jaime-Lee, builds profitable businesses. Her first enterprise she co-founded creating a multi-million dollar empire in fours years and awards for innovation and growth. Today she continues to disrupt and scale as an entrepreneur and investor. Jaime-Lee also privately joins forces with selective business owners & leaders to help them perform to greater results.

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