Hi I'm Jaime-Lee, if we haven't met I join forces with visionary entrepreneurs and leader to get results on purpose.

I know what it takes, having my own multi-million dollar company, raising two kids, overcoming adversity and supporting entrepreneurs just like you everyday single day.

My clients are established professional advisers, creative consultants, industry experts and coaches wanting to accelerate their growth.

Specifically as entrepreneurs we thrive on idea creation and making big things happen, with a strong sense as to 'why' we start a business.

As we evolve, we also lack planning or being meaningfully action orientated, leading to no clear strategy or direction. We then spend time on tasks or projects that have little impact to our bottom line.

We both know you’re meant to make a powerful difference with your talents, and to back yourself you need an effective strategy, the right action, hindsight, foresight and a mindset that is calm, confident and in control.

I often see successful people who have massive potential struggle. The problem: not asking for help when things get tough, not investing in ourselves enough and our performance + action = results.

I believe we also need to stop pretending we have our shit together when we don’t, and free ourselves from conforming to make others happy, so we can actually live a life we truly want.

The business landscape is changing, and to succeed and thrive it starts by unlocking our vulnerability.

I'm here to support your vision, to share intel and transform your talents into a thriving meaningful empire.

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to finally take the leap into a new project or you're at a point in your business where you've hit a ceiling and want to gear up - there is no better time than NOW.

To be innovative, engaging, profitable and impacting, it can be tough doing it alone. It can also become costly when you don't have the right expertise to drive your talents and ideas further.

Imagine when we turn your business into everything you have ever wanted, for you and your family.

There is so much more to me than a web page, so let's get connected and share how I can help you today.

JL :)

Professional Bio

Jaime-Lee is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur & media contributor.

She is wildly passionate about human performance and business growth potential, and joins forces with business owners, CEO's and leaders to enhance results by raising the bar on innovation, client engagement, profits and experiences that make a powerful impact.

In 2012 Jaime-Lee co-founded and established her first enterprise, building a multi-million professional services company, and gained multiple awards for innovation and growth.

Today Jaime-Lee develops, builds and/or invests in various ventures relating to wealth creation & management, real estate, entrepreneurial & leadership strategy and start-ups.

She has a Mastery in Neuro Linguistic Programming and studies Psychological Sciences. Coupled with her talents as a writer and presenter she has featured in the Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, Money Management, Sunrise and ABC among others