Why you need to pay attention to your behaviour and triggers that may impact your performance   Do you recognised certain things or behaviours that you are doing or acting out, not realising it is a problem and they aren’t actually good for you? You may have heard of triggers and matters of the mind…

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Why Experts Fail In Credibility

Ads on Facebook are flooded with new coaches, experts and professionals. When you visit their website you hear the same words – expert, six figures, live life on your terms, working while travelling the world. We’ve heard it all before.

If you are a ‘coach or expert’ I know it can be easy to squirm thinking there is a lot of competition – so how can you stand out and be true to the expert status?

Let’s talk through it as I share some examples of what not to do and ways to build up your authority.

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8 Things You Must Do To Survive In Business

How To Survive In Business Have you ever wondered how some people thrive when starting their own business and others seem to struggle endlessly to then only give up. When starting out there is so much to plan and figure out. It certainly requires fresh attitude and bringing key elements above your blood, sweat and…

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