Do You Have An Attitude?

Do you have an attitude?

If someone said that to you, it can sound confrontational right?

It's easy to forget that an attitude does not mean it's BAD or a problem, but……. I do remember growing up and to have an attitude, it meant you were not co-operative or bad in some way.

WE all have an attitude. It's our mental outlook, belief, mindset and perspective that makes up our attitude.

Our attitude is also how we can be portrayed by others and the energy we put into our daily activities.

An attitude doesn't necessarily mean It's about winning or losing, but it does have an impact on how far you will go to win, for the good or without care.

It's inevitable that we will have days that can blow the wind right out of us and we FEEL like crap. We are human!!

Then there is a time to toughen up and carry on to the brighter things you really want.

In BUSINESS and as an entrepreneur attitude is everything! It reflects on how resilient and grounded we are.

How we treat people, react to the wins, losses, who we attract and how people view us = BRANDING.

Even the words we use….. do you notice the SEEKER or solver. Or the gossiper….  They carry different attitudes and energy.

Did you know how we behave or react to certain situations we are taught from a young age…. we are eventually programmed by the time we are 7.

Then we become a product of our environment, further social impacts start as we begin to develop as an adolescent.

Then it's a domino effect.

What I love though, we can begin to make a change at anytime – and with time we can master a warrior mindset and an attitude that flows with the right energy for the circumstances that may arrive.

I'm sharing what it takes to create a profitable business, and a WARRIOR MINDSET is one element, to live a life with more meaning.


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