Why Experts Fail In Credibility

Everyone Is An Expert, So They Say.

Ads on Facebook are flooded with new coaches, experts and professionals. When you visit their website you hear the same words – expert, six figures, live life on your terms, working while travelling the world. We’ve heard it all before.

If you are a ‘coach or expert' I know it can be easy to squirm thinking there is a lot of competition – so how can you stand out and be true to the expert status?

Let’s talk through it as I share some examples of what not to do and ways to build up your authority.

What’s interesting about experts

Not too long ago I had a girlfriend who had ditched any opportunity to finding love, she was over the dating games. After a couple of months she came to me in excitement with an idea to hire a love & relationship coach. She was convinced this was the best solution to find the man of her dreams.

She had found someone online who proclaimed they were an expert in helping men and women find love. I thought it was great my GF was stepping out and not giving up on love, and I wanted to know more, as of course I was a little sceptical.

Yep, I asked some tough love questions to help her dive a little deeper.

The Q’s went something like this:

Who is this love coach. Are they all loved up?

  1. Has his match making and coaching skills had some lovely ladies walking down the aisle?
  2. What are you hoping for to get from working with this dude?
  3. Why do you think this person is the right one to help you?

What do you think her answers were?

Not entirely sure, and I don’t know.. . . . Hmmm

Firstly, how can a relationship coach be an expert when they haven’t even mastered it themselves? Isn’t an expert someone who has experience, results and understands their niche inside out?

A hell yes! A business coach, coaching business owners who has never owned a business. Time to go away.

Same for love or relationships.

Now, moving on. If you are feeling the entrepreneurial world is crowded, especially for service based businesses you may question how can you possibly stand out.

What you can do

If you are starting out or not gaining the results you truly want, shine up your credibility and deliver genuine content via video, blogs, email and published media.

Let people know what you do

Telling your friends and family is a great start. While they may never get what you do or why – If you're hiding behind the screen and social platforms, get out there and confidentially share what it is you are doing.

If you cannot get out to your own network, because you are worried what people will think of you – this will be a constant struggle and this my friend is holding you back. Own everything you are, get your creative on, and gear up. You'll be surprised with the feedback.

Share results

Talk about the results you have accomplished, that’s what people care about. Whether you gather testimonials or get on video and talk about the process and wins your clients have achieved working with you.

Run a small workshop

To really get started and build some traction, run a workshop. Whether you have 4 or 20 people attend, you have to start somewhere and nothing better than a cosy group of people who really want your help.

Then use the experience, make it even better next time and gain feedback which you can also turn into testimonials.

Share some valuable tips

Write an article on your blog, film a video on your smartphone and post it. Share it and make sure to include 2 to 3 take away points that people can use in their life to improve their ‘love or relationships’ in the scenario of a relationship coach.

It takes a good 7 to 10 times before people may say ‘she/he’s the shizzle’ and that’s okay. You want to grow a real audience, not fake love.

So keep on going.


Be confident. If you don’t believe in yourself, it can be difficult for people to do the same whilst looking up to you for help.

You have everything you need, it’s a matter of bundling your strengths and delivering authentic value. So be yourself, have fun and get out there strutting your stuff.

Remember, results are not an overnight outcome and starting small is just fine, just make sure to start! This is what will make the ultimate difference incredibility, surviving the competition and creating the influential, expert status.

About The Author


Jaime-Lee, builds profitable businesses. Her first enterprise she co-founded creating a multi-million dollar empire in fours years and awards for innovation and growth. Today she continues to disrupt and scale as an entrepreneur and investor. Jaime-Lee also privately joins forces with selective business owners & leaders to help them perform to greater results.

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