Why you need to pay attention to your behaviour and triggers that may impact your performance


Do you recognised certain things or behaviours that you are doing or acting out, not realising it is a problem and they aren't actually good for you?

You may have heard of triggers and matters of the mind where we outburst or use supplements to feel better. What's happening within us, psychologically we're creating a strategy forming a behaviour.

So it could be that you've spoken to someone and there's a certain thing that they've said or done that's triggered something.

Or It could be you've become really emotional – Are you getting angry? Are you getting hurt? Are you getting sad?

Or even your business! Are you stressed about money? Making sales?  Are you in control of it or is it in control of you?

Whatever it may be your natural response is I want to feel better!



Then what often happens is that you search for something external to overcome this feeling.

Whether that'll be having chocolate, alcohol, ice cream. Ice cream being a personal favourite of mine. It could be that you need validation or rebuild your confidence and if you are a singleton, some of you may make that call and get naughty down the road with a friend.

Then what starts as a bit of chocolate, casual sex or a glass of wine every now and then, soon becomes every other night, then possibly every night! Trying to feel better. 

Or one glass of wine, a sip of scotch that you started to begin with now turns into 2 or 3!

Does this sound familiar?

The question is, what is that something that is bothering you?

What is it that's triggering you? Sometimes it is not easy to identify as it could be from traumatic experience growing up or things you have been taught through sociology. IF you can at least recognise there are somethings in your life that are triggering, it is a great place to start so you can work on it and help yourself.

This will make a difference to your overall performance.

While this is mindset and psychological strategies that are programmed within us, once you have control over it better you can slowly say no to that chocolate once in a while or finally feel independent to needing that drink.

If you can take a look and reflect on what's going on, it will be worth it.

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Jaime-Lee, builds profitable businesses. Her first enterprise she co-founded creating a multi-million dollar empire in fours years and awards for innovation and growth. Today she continues to disrupt and scale as an entrepreneur and investor. Jaime-Lee also privately joins forces with selective business owners & leaders to help them perform to greater results.

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